My Son did Cogmed 8 Years Ago.

Our Story Before Cogmed I am a clinical child psychologist. My son did Cogmed 8 years ago. He will graduate from the University of Notre Dame this Spring and he will then start work for Amazon as a computer software engineer in their robotics department initially.

Dr. Shinaver

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One thought on “My Son did Cogmed 8 Years Ago.

  1. I’m a 15 year old who took a drug for ADHD for about a month. It was effective in gnitteg me to pay attention, but I noticed that I was very fidgety. My teacher confronted me about my fidgetiness and it was a big problem. Also, my parents noticed I was very moody and very aggressive. I decided to stop taking it after I got into a very aggressive argument with my father. I have a border line intermidiate level of anger problems without any drugs, it just made them worse. Fidgetiness also did not improve, it almost seemed worse with it. In my opinion, it should only be for Predominantly Inattentive Type ADHD. I have Combined Type ADHD and it is at an intermiditate level. I hope this review will help parents and patients decide whether medication is right for them or their children.

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