Cogmed is a bottom up approach to computerized Cognitive Training.

This means that Cogmed involves training an underlying skill. That skill is working memory, what one can hold in his or her mind and manipulate or re-organize. What are commonly called instrumental activities of daily living or IADL’s include things like planning a trip, going grocery shopping or balancing a checkbook.  If you cannot hold a few numbers in your mind and then recall them backward then planning a trip, grocery shopping, or balancing your checkbook becomes much harder.  Maybe the IADL is taking care of your dog. Do you remember to walk the dog? Do you remember to feed the dog? Do you remember to put him in his crate at bedtime?  Do you remember that you let the dog out the door to go around back to go to the bathroom? Or do you forget he is out there and have to send your son on his bike riding through the neighborhood to find him?  Or does your son with ADHD forgot he let the dog out?

What if you could improve your working memory? This is an underlying skill psychologists used to think you could not improve even as recently as 2002.  Cogmed has shown you can improve working memory.

Whether you are a child or are an older adult, you can improve this underlying skill which is the foundation of many other cognitive skills.  Whether you have ADHD or mild cognitive impairment, you can improve working memory.

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